stainless steel rope mesh

Anti-theft Mesh Pocket

Anti-theft Net Pocket

>> Stainless steel wire mesh bag is a new product of stainless steel wire rope, the process is to stainless steel wire rope through a special way of weaving or connected by a snap into a net bag shape. According to customer's size requirements for custom processing.
>>Material:304,316,316L and other materials. Its products are lightweight, soft, corrosion-resistant, impact resistance, with a strong tensile strength, beautiful and durable and so on.
>> Specifications: Mesh 3x3cm, 4x4cm, 5x5cm, 6x6cm, 7x7cm, 8x8cm and so on. In addition, it can weave mesh of any other size. This has been the designer and user favorite, according to specific customer requirements to do.
>> Application: lamp shade mesh pocket, camera mesh pocket, air conditioning mesh pocket, backpack security mesh, mesh items bags, workpiece mesh pocket, cut anti-theft mesh pocket, etc.