stainless steel rope mesh

Lifting Mesh Pocket

Container Mesh Bag

>> Our factory specializes in the supply of riprap net, container mesh bag, rope mesh pocket, lifting mesh pocket, hand-woven mesh pocket.
>> Rope Meh pocket is made of high quality steel wire rope.
>> Specific specifications are as follows:
1. Shape: film type, pocket type;
2. Model: 1 ton, 2 tons, 4 tons to 10 tons and other models.
3. Woven twist around the way: single rope, double rope and three rope around.
>> Rope is the use of multiple or more shares of thin wire into a flexible rope, wire rope is a multi-layer steel wire twisted into shares, and then to the core as the center, by a certain number of shares twisted into a spiral rope. In material handling machinery for lifting, towing, taut and load bearing purposes. High strength wire rope, light weight, stable work, easy to suddenly broken the whole root, reliable work.
>> Hoist net bag to solve the network in the cement, feed, chemical products, chemical fertilizers and other bags of materials in the transport process of loading and unloading transport and other issues. Scientific and convenient, more practical, thus reducing the amount of labor, to achieve mechanized operation, improve efficiency, reduce the turnover of transport copies. Hoisting net pocket net can be repeated for many times, thus reducing the transportation and management costs.
>> Pay attention to rope mesh pocket :
Rope mesh bag loading capacity of stone not more than 80%, in order to facilitate better lifting stone block turnover.