The export about stainless steel rope mesh 2018-01-30 08:23:00

>>The export of stainless steel rope network, the use of high-quality stainless steel 304/316 wire rope, not woven into a flexible net, widely used in zoos, scenic spots, construction, exhibition halls and other areas of network protection, zoo cage protection Net, avian net, bird cage network is the most common.
>>The export of stainless steel wire braided protective net, this net as a new type of protective decorative materials, in our life gradually been widely used. The use of stainless steel wire braid is not a single, it is designed to a very wide range, adding a lot of beauty to our lives. It is Bing Ye manufacturers dedicated to export stainless steel wire braided protective net, also known as stainless steel wire rope, stainless steel braid, wire rope braid, according to purposes can also be called animal cage net, zoo fence, decorative fence, etc. .
>>Stainless steel wire rope with high quality stainless steel wire rope, woven into a mesh rope diameter range: 1.2mm - 3.2mm, mesh side length commonly used specifications: 25X25mm 38X38mm 51X51mm 76X76mm 100X100mm 150X150mm and so on. We can also customize according to user needs a variety of stainless steel wire rope, and custom mesh size.
>>Stainless steel wire rope Features: corrosion resistance, no rust, large tensile strength, good flexibility, cold and high temperature, no maintenance, long service life and so on.