Stainless steel rope mesh is the best choice for bird cage 2018-01-28 14:31:34

   What kind of steel mesh cage with a large bird encircle the most suitable? Especially in the zoo which is larger than the site network. This is the most suitable choice of stainless steel wire rope mesh. The reason is that stainless steel wire rope mesh has the following major advantages, is unmatched by other steel mesh.
1. Stainless steel wire rope braided mesh soft surface, which can effectively protect the feathers of birds in the flight collision process will not fall off.
2. Net durable, tensile strength, and long life, at least 30 years or more, these are other nylon, or fiber network, and barbed wire can not be comparable.
3. The mesh size can be made large enough to effectively cover the top and the periphery of the bird cage. And easy to install, save time and labor.
4. Mesh beautiful, is a unique aesthetic with a very beautiful network. Permeability is also excellent.