How to use and install stainless steel wire rope mesh 2018-01-28 15:32:11

   Stainless steel wire rope mesh is a kind of stainless steel wire braided into a new type of protective net, the current stainless steel wire rope is not limited to use as a protective net, and now a lot of stainless steel wire rope has been used in large quantities in the decoration Industry, there are other industries, today's stainless steel wire rope to tell you about stainless steel wire rope in all walks of life in the application.
1. Stainless steel wire rope as a protective net used in the protection of the slope, which is what we usually say slope protection net, which is mainly covered by active protective net in the mountain to prevent the implementation of the roll, there is a Kind of passive protective net, mainly used in the foot of the mountain, used to effectively prevent the roll of rolling stones, the implementation of control in the effective range.
2. Stainless steel wire rope in addition to being used as a slope protection net, now also used in some large-scale public workshop decoration work, to highlight the high-end, the atmosphere of the characteristics of this stainless steel wire rope as a decorative application In the market at the same time also meets the environmental protection theme proposed by society.
3. Stainless steel wire rope as a decorative net and breeding net used in some ornamental breeding places, such as the zoo with stainless steel wire rope cage as some animals, so that both the animal captive in which, as stainless steel wire rope Permeability is very good, so it is conducive to the appreciation of the animals to enjoy the daily life of animals, the stainless steel wire rope with a metallic texture and sense of dignity, so that the whole zoo can highlight a high-end, atmospheric characteristics.