Stainless steel rope mesh - Leopard fence 2018-01-28 16:05:58

>> Stainless steel rope mesh for the leopard fence, leopard cage nets, stainless steel leopard fence sites, good flexibility, no rust, corrosion resistance, long life. Is the ideal cage cage protection network in the zoo. Stainless steel wire rope has a long history, according to historical records of wire drawing technology introduced to our country in 1925, since then started the safe county wire mesh production and processing, especially after the reform and opening up, Zhonglai stainless steel wire rope factory was established nearly three decades, stainless steel rope Large-scale production of net products and exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia, Australia and other countries, are widely used in zoo leopard protective net places. Similar products also include: leopard fence, lion fence, tiger cage network, leopard cage net and so on.
>> Bing Ye production of leopard fence commonly used specifications are as follows:
1.Mesh: Common Mesh 51 x 51mm, 60 x 60mm, 76 x 76mm, 90 x 90mm.
2. Rope diameter: commonly used 2.4mm, 3.2mm.
3. mesh size: can be produced according to customer needs.
4. Structure: The structure of the rope used 7x7 rope, 7x19 rope.
5.Material: Made of stainless steel SUS304, 304L.